The app that has helped
100,000 Scandinavian children learn how to read is now available in the UK!


In only two years of being on the market, Poio has become Scandinavia’s #1 learn-to-read app for children. Now, we’re finally able to offer children in the UK the same playful approach to learning how to read.


“Poio has really sparked my son’s love for reading! Now, whenever I’m alone with the children, Tobias offers to read a book for his siblings in the evening,” says Tonje.

She is the mother of Norwegian seven-year-old Tobias who is one of the 100,000 3-8 year-olds who have had help learning how to read with Poio.

Tobias (7) cracked the reading code with the learn-to-read app Poio.

Tobias (7) cracked the reading code with the learn-to-read app Poio.

Why it works
With Poio, children are in charge of their own learning journey. The game is designed to engage your child by letting them explore a world of letters and words - whether he or she has started practicing yet or not.

Inside the app they unravel the fairy-tale themselves by constantly finding and learning new things.

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As the game adapts to each child’s level of skill, they will face the perfect number of challenges to keep things exciting while building their self-esteem. And with numerous different elements to play around with and discover, they stay motivated.

How it all started
The story behind Poio all started with a six-year-old boy who found a method for learning how to read that has now helped all kinds of children - struggling, gifted, and those learning at a normal pace. Watch the short documentary about Leon and Poio here.  

All children are different and learn in different ways, but all children love to play!

Now, the successful learn-to-read app from Scandinavia is available in UK edition!