Our Story

Our vision is to empower children through play. So that every child can enjoy the process of learning how to read.

Daniel & his two sons The dad and educator behind Poio

Daniel & his two sons
The dad and educator behind Poio


How the journey started

Hi, my name is Daniel Senn. I am the dad and educator behind the learn-to-read game Poio.

Six years ago, I embarked on a journey of trying to help my own son learn how to read. He was born with a severe hearing problem and I was told that he would need extra assistance to keep up with other kids. However, experts also told me that motivating young children to practice reading is very hard, and that adults who push the learning early on often make matters worse, resulting in negative learning spirals and a loss of confidence.

So together, my family engaged in a fun project to crack the reading code through play, where my son's ideas were the main inspiration to the method that is now called Poio. A game that is able to help all kinds of children learn how to read, whether they are learning at a regular pace, are struggling with the process, or are gifted.

Leon’s method

Now The Poio Method has gone beyond helping my son, Leon, and our family. I have worked closely with a committed group of game developers, scientists and educationalists to make Poio what it is today. And in just a short period of time, we have helped more than 100,000 children across Scandinavia crack the reading code. I can hardly believe it, and feel so proud of what our team has achieved. Still, there is always more to do, and we’re only just getting started!

Daniel Senn Founder of Poio

Daniel Senn
Founder of Poio


In light of Poio’s success, our goal is to help even more children learn how to read. By joining forces with the EdTech company Kahoot! this spring, we are now able to bring Poio to a global audience quicker through a newly developed English version.

The UK edition of Poio is now available from the App Store and Google Play. The US edition will be available soon! Sign up to get notified.