Learning Elements

Poio is full of exciting gaming elements that will keep your child motivated. These elements are based on a gamified learn-to-read program called The Poio Method.



The goal of the game

The game’s characters live on an island. Straws are used as entry and exit points to different levels. In order to complete a level, the player must eat all the vowels or collect words for the story book. Their main goal is to complete the book.


Game controls

Readlings eat vowels

The player controls several cute letter bugs, called Readlings, with their fingers. Each Readling only eats one type of vowel. Don’t worry, the game starts off easy - with only few letters to hunt for!

From time-to-time, your child will need to rescue caged Readlings by picking different types of locks.



Lock type 1

Tracing letter shapes with their fingers helps your child’s brain to learn the shape with their body as well as their eyes.


letter sounds

Lock type 2

This lock displays letters, and comes with a key that makes the matching letter sound to one of them. If your child manages to correctly match the sound to the letter on their first try, the complexity of the game increases until there are six words to pick from.


letter sounds

Lock type 3

This lock starts by displaying just one letter, and comes with keys that make letter sounds. When your child manages to match the right letter sound to the letter on the first attempt, the lock will start to display two letter words and three letter words.


phonological awareness

Floating bubbles

Floating bubbles can be blended to form words. However, only real words will blend together and reward your child with gold coins. Exploring how these letter sounds, and later syllables, blend together improves your child’s phonological awareness.



The fairy tale book

The fairy tale book is where the magical story is revealed word by word. When your child has spelled a new word, it is placed in the book. When each new sentence or page is completed, your child is rewarded by the narrator reading it out loud.



Spelling words

Each word in the book has to be spelled out in a correct sequence.

In the beginning we will help your child a lot, but after a while they will be left to figure out the sequence themselves.


verbs and nouns

Playing with “Doll Houses”

Each Readling will receive a unique home as a reward for your child’s continuous effort. In houses they can use their gold coins to buy furniture and practice verbs and nouns. Spoiler alert! Readlings can visit each other and even fall in love.

reward practice

Collectable cards

The player is rewarded for performing tasks that enforce learning. The reward cards appear as surprises to keep your child motivated and boost their self-esteem.