Frequently asked questions

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Who is Poio made for?

We recommend 3-8 years, but it varies greatly from child to child. Poio suits those who:

  • Have not begun reading yet

  • Have made a start, and know some of the letters

  • Have practiced for a while, but find it very difficult

  • Have practiced for a while, but are struggling with motivation

  • Know all the letters, but lack the concentration required to make letter-sounds into words

Poio is made to help:

  • Parents who want to teach their children to read, but do not know exactly where to start

  • Children so that they experience reading as something fun and exciting rather than something they just have to learn

  • teachers, so that they they can offer teaching that is more adapted to the individual’s needs, and ensure that all are brought along



Which devices does Poio work on?

Poio is available for iPad and iPhone with iOS 10, which means iPad 4, iPad mini 2, or iPhone 5, or later. Poio is also available for Android on devices with Android 5 or later.



We have several children in the family who want to play Poio. Can they?

Yes! When you buy Poio you can install the app on several tablets and telephones, as long as the devices have the same operating system (i.e. Apple+Apple and Android+Android), then the progression and tempo adapts to each child’s level. Parents can make a profile for each child and follow the progression of each one via email reports. Unfortunately, it is not possible to synchronise between different devices at the moment. There is also the possibility to register up to five user profiles on each device - also in different languages!



If you have the same Apple ID on both devices, you can just go into the App Store and download the app. If you don’t have the same Apple-id then you can use Apple’s Family Sharing. More info about this can be found here:


If you are logged in on the same account in Google Play on both devices, you can go into Google Play and download the app. If they are two different accounts then you can use Google Play’s Family Library:



How do I add a new user?

Press the black button with the child’s name next to the gear. It is on the bottom right of the map with the island.

Click on the word asked for by the text to open Settings.

Press the plus symbol to add a new user. Then press “Select” if you want to play as this user.



My child has completed the game, what happens next?

You can let the child continue playing, collect all the cards, play in the houses, and find more words. Those who think it was extra fun can start the game again from the beginning. If they want to keep the points and “prizes” they already have, you can create a new user that the child can use to start again, while keeping their first book.



Why can’t I find Poio in App Store/Google Play?

Poio won’t show up in the stores if your tablet is running on an older operating system. Namely, older than Android 5 and 1 GB of memory, or older than iOS 10 (available for generation 4 or later). You can try updating the operating system on your tablet, but some of the older tablets are incompatible with Poio.



I am having technical issues. What should I do?

First check if there is an update available in App Store or Google Play. If possible, update the game and check if you continue to have the same problem. If the problem persists, send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.