From frustration to fun:
How one mother transformed her daughter’s reading practice

Mother-of-two Dolores knows, as most parents do, that reading training at home isn’t always easy - not for the child or the parent. However, together with her daughter, Bibbi, she found a way to transform reading practice into something fun for them to do together.

After they found the digital game Poio, reading training has become part of Dolores’ and Bibbi’s quality time together.

After they found the digital game Poio, reading training has become part of Dolores’ and Bibbi’s quality time together.

Facing the frustration
“When your child is in the process of learning how to read, frustration often arises - for the child, of course, but also for the adult. Sometimes you might help out a little too much, because you just really want them to understand. And as a parent, you don’t always feel like you’re enough,” Dolores explains with honesty.

The solution she found was the new digital learn-to-read game Poio, designed to provide children with an immersive learning experience that makes reading practice fun. They began using Poio a few months before Bibbi started school, and it instantly made a difference.

Reading training as quality time
“Bibbi loves to practice reading with Poio! She thinks it’s so much fun. It continuously motivates her to keep going. That’s what so great about it; instead of me having to nag her to do her training, the game kind of lifts that responsibility off me, so that I can actually take part in the fun too,” Dolores says.

Now, they’ll often sit down together, so that Dolores can watch and listen to what Bibbi is doing. It has become part of their quality time together, rather than the point of tension that it sometimes used to be.

While Dolores takes care of things at home, Bibbi can still practice on her own.

“I can hand Poio over to her while I make dinner, and listen to what she’s doing. There’s no need for me to step in and help, but the reports I get sent by email allow me to keep track of my daughter’s development, understand where she’s struggling, and what parts trigger her interest the most.”

Bibbi now loves to practice letters.

Bibbi now loves to practice letters.

Exceeded expectations
Before they had given Poio a try, Dolores was unsure about how much the game would genuinely ignite her daughter’s love of reading.

“I was sceptical that it would be boring, like so many other learning games out there, but it proved to be quite the opposite! It ignited Bibbi’s love of reading instantly, much faster than I had expected.”

Now, Bibbi loves to recognise letters and read words everywhere around her in daily life. Dolores has seen her daughter go from “just playing a game” to experiencing “a-ha” moments - when she suddenly knows how to read a word.

“Poio is truly a genius product - it gives your child the key to the world of reading in a fun way, and that is priceless,” Dolores finishes.