Mum found digital game:
Transformed reading into something “fantastic” for her son Tobias (7)

“It made a huge difference to find something that gave him back a sense of achievement.”
When Tonje’s son started school, the excitement over a new chapter in his life was soon overshadowed by the battle of learning to read.

Tobias is like all other seven-year-olds - he loves to run around and play. When he started school, he spent a lot of time sat down to complete long-winded and repetitive reading training. This is how his struggles to learn how to read began.

(Learn more about the digital learn-to-read game that they found here!)

As the mother of four young children, it became a challenge for Tonje to keep both herself and Tobias motivated.  
“You feel like crying yourself sometimes because your child is losing his motivation, finds no joy in what he's doing and feels no sense of achievement.”

So, as the problem-solving mother that she is, Tonje started looking for alternative solutions. What she found was the digital learn-to-read game Poio, which gave her son the playful approach to the training he so badly needed. It sparked his love for reading, and now he often offers to read a book for his younger siblings in the evenings.

We visited the family in Tromsø, Norway, to hear how reading went from being a struggle to something Tobias now describes as “fantastic”. Watch the video above.

When Tobias started school, his struggles to learn how to read began.

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