Reading made magical.
Perfect for kids ages 3-9 yrs.


Curiosity and creativity combined with dynamic challenges and recognition are the main motivators for reading. The game is designed to engage and spark your child's intrinsic motivation to learn more.


Readlings are fun characters your child will love to play with. Each Readling represents a vowel that can manipulate and transform words in many different ways.


build SKills

The game challenges your child to identify, compare, swap, and rethink letter sounds to solve word puzzles.

Crack the reading code in 24 hours!


A new method

We have developed a new method that guides your child from letter sounds to words. After just 30 days of playful training, your child will begin to recognize and read words of a 400-word fairytale that they help create.


A journey in sounds and letters

Players arrive on an island of letter sounds and words that vary in difficulty. 
After they have saved all the vowels and completed their quests - the story is complete.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.16.50.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 14.20.40.png

by eating & collecting letters

after 1 hour
simple words are formed

Poio_Readlings_Jon copy.001.png

After 10 hours
difficult words are introduced

After 24 hours
the book is readable

We will definitely buy this game!
— Father of two
Finally, cramming made magical.
— 1st grade teacher

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Help us improve the learning experience! We are continually testing the game with children, parents, teachers, and researchers. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our test group. English and Norwegian versions are in development.


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