This “Scandinavian method” helps preschoolers crack the reading code!

Families all over Norway and Sweden have fallen in love with a new digital game that helps their children discover the magic of reading.

The UK edition of the learn-to-read app Poio is now available. Click here to download!


One of these families is the Neiman family in Sweden.

“It has given my daughter a very playful approach to letters and words, and how to put them together,” says mother Maja Neiman.

When Maja’s daughter Ingrid was four-and-a-half-years-old, more than a year before she was set to start at school, she began playing Poio.
“We had no intention of making her learn how to read yet, but she enjoyed the game so much, and became a lot more interested in letters and words.”

Ingrid continued to play Poio during the summer and autumn, often together with her older sister. Before they knew it, Ingrid was well on her way to becoming a reader.
“She cracked the reading code by playing Poio just after she turned five! She’s not starting school until this autumn, so she’s very well prepared,” says Maja.

Here are some glimpses from last summer, when Ingrid had been playing Poio for just a short while:

Whether your child is yet to learn a single letter, has started practicing, or has been practicing for a while but their progress is moving slowly, Poio might just be the tool that sparks their joy and interest in reading.

“The gaming format makes it a lot of fun. Especially for children who are struggling with letters and sounds and how to put them together,” Maja says.

Poio was originally launched by a Norwegian team of educators, game developers and parents, and with inspiration from children’s own imaginations. The game quickly became the most popular learn-to-read app in Scandinavia.

Now, Poio is soon to be launched in the UK, giving English speaking children the same great start to their reading journey.

Poio has helped more than 100,000 children aged 3-8 years crack the reading code through play.

Now, the UK edition of the learn-to-read game is available!