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The inventor of Poio is Daniel Senn, a father, teacher, and tech-expert who quit his job to find a better way for children to crack the reading code. The origin of Poio is a personal story. In 2012, Daniel and his wife had a son born with severe hearing problems. They knew that he would require more, and better, assistance to master the skills of reading. And they wanted to make sure his journey to crack the reading code was fun and enjoyable.

To start with, Daniel and his two sons invented a paper-based game, enabling them to practice letters and words on the kitchen table. The imagination of his sons was the guiding inspiration for the rules, story, and visuals. The playful hours spent at the kitchen table soon evolved into creating games on the family tablet, and ultimately resulted in the full-scale gaming platform we now know as Poio. The animated troll and figures are named and voiced by Daniel himself, and the two boys.

As of spring 2019, Poio has helped more than 100,000 Scandinavia children learn how to read.

This summer Poio will launch the English version.

Daniel Senn  Founder of Poio

Daniel Senn
Founder of Poio

Daniel & his two sons  The dad and educator behind Poio

Daniel & his two sons
The dad and educator behind Poio