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A new physics Puzzler

Grow Dammit! is an intelligent physics puzzler, where strategic play with light and shadows create absorbing beautiful gameplay experiences.

A clumsy Red Hero

Join uncle Red, a clumsy space plant, in a fun mystical adventure that will take you on a trip through a film-noir universe full of puzzles, neurotic mushrooms, fireflies, slugs and... The Dark?

Three Runaway Seedlings

Uncle Red must grow back the three lost seedlings, but his roots are way to short. So you have no choice but to use the natural powers and save the day, before the seedlings disappear with the wind...

Be Aware!

Sometimes the seedlings can be really hard to save.
Especially the youngest.

3 Worlds to Discover

Grow Dammit! is an awesome fun puzzle and adventure game for all ages, where you'll visit tons of planets, meet dark creatures, and control amazing powers.

Poio is a new game studio dedicated to bringing original,
high quality games to touch devices. Grow Dammit! is our first game.

Visit, contact or call +47 92 66 90 10 for more information.

Press kit can be downloaded here.