Bringing reading to life


We are parents like you. Concerned about our kids reading skills in a new computerised age. We work hard to make sure children can effectively learn to read while having fun.

Our company Poio is founded by Daniel Senn. A father frustrated because he felt there was few engaging tools to help his sons acquire reading skills. With his passion for designing computer games he invented a amazing new method for playing with words. Our first game Readlings is currently in development. Our mission is to release a family of apps to engage kids with the magic of written language.

We listen to children. We play with them. Our designs undergo hundreds of iterations, based on the feedback of kids, parents and teachers.

At Poio we take video games very seriously. We make sure that they are extremely fun and engaging. We also work very hard so they provide rigorous, effective learning. That is who we are: a passionate team working hard to help children, families and teachers to bring reading to life!